Your Wedding: Your Favorite Drinks


Whether you’re planning the drink offerings for your fun cocktail hour or for the entirety of the reception itself, keep in mind these three key things that if given careful thought, are sure to be among the lasting memories your guests have of your wedding: taste, presentation, and timing. It’s not uncommon for the couple to barely have the chance to eat during the reception with all the mingling happening, but carrying a drink in hand is not as difficult a feat…

Your reception should be treated like a marathon – avoiding super strong alcoholic beverages is a safe bet that everyone in attendance will not only enjoy the day at a reasonable pace, but also remember that they enjoyed it! Fresh fruits and herbs incorporated within the drinks or even just as garnishes can  also help bring out the flavors of the beverage. Amp up the flavor of a gimlet with fresh basil or play with the flavorful combination of rosemary and oranges with this delicious Orange Rosemary Spritz. Even if your preference is for the simple, like glasses of champagne as the signature, for example, adding strawberries or raspberries to each glass not only pumps up the delicious taste of the drink but also dresses it up nicely too.

While the color of the drinks by no means has to match the color theme of your wedding, sometimes considering your existing color themes can be a great source of inspiration for the bar menu.

Even the little details can inspire an enormously memorable experience. Check out this Lavender Lemon Drop creation, a lovely twist on the classic lemon drop drink that incorporates fresh lavender and even tinting the rim of the glass to match.

For extra fun, if you are creating a signature cocktail (or two) for your guests, you may even want to create a unique name for it that speaks to the tastes or personalities of you and your significant other.

No matter what time of year it is when you say “I do,”  creating a seasonal or season-inspired cocktail is a playful ode to celebrating and living in-the-moment. Consider offerings like spiked hot cocoa for a winter wedding, a signature pumpkin cocktail for the fall, or spring and summertime favorites like sangria or spiked lemonade (you can’t go wrong with citrus when it’s hot out!) for your warm weather occasion.

Cheers to you!

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